How to build a Peace Palace  (in het Engels)
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How to build a Peace Palace (in het Engels)

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(In het Engels) This book is a manual for building a Maharishi Peace Palace. It is meant for those who wish to organise the building of one. Rather than containing an abundance of technical details, which any professional would know better, it gives an overview of the entire process, based on the actual project of the newly constructed first Peace Palace in Europe, which was built in Erfurt, the centre of Germany. It was built from 2011 to 2012 using the Master Builder System.

Building a Maharishi Peace Palace, or a building of similar function, is unlike any other building, because it is creating a permanent home for Maharishi’s supreme knowledge and peace-creating technologies to be a lighthouse for the whole population for many generations to come.

The expanded second edition contains:

  • General chapter with a collection of designs and guidelines for Maharishi Peace Palaces;
  • The original, detailed account of the Maharishi Peace Palace project in Erfurt, Germany, from financing to completion;
  • A project report of the 30 room academy-style, community center Maharishi Peace Palace in Rendlesham, Suffolk, Great Britain;
  • An interview about the first Maharishi Peace Palace in Malaysia;
  • Many useful Peace Palace and Vastu materials in the appendices;
  • Maharishi’s Program for the creation of 12 Divine Capitals in every country based on the cultural and language regions.

Printed book, 232 pages, hard cover, English language.

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